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October, 2018

Oct 20

Added the Burnt Isle area map


Aug 1

I have been debating about adding a price list for non-magical items using a similar list from my ad&d game site. So, its being added today.

Added the link to the navigation menu. Each price list page has a sub-menu that connects to all price list pages. I haven’t corrected prices to match the one on the T&T book.


Jul 25

Added the location for Sanctuary, Thieves’ World City to the world map. I bought the Chaosium, Inc. boxed set years ago. I intend on mapping the areas around the city, but not the city. The game comes with city maps.

Jul 16

Updating navigaiton menus and adding a mapped ruin. The ruin will be several levels, not all maps completed.

Just went to some T&T sites… red text on black background is hard to read. And the links they had went nowhere. Argh.

I need to make a nearby area map for Talon Castle.


Apr 8

Navigation menus fixed. Somehow the default page for articles got changed to archive.

Apr 2

Fixed the links in the navigation menus. i still have no idea why the browsers I have wont display the menus on all pages.


Mar 29

Lost connection to the database, but its all fixed now.

Mar 28

Site move to here, and the site navigation menus are all updated.

I have a weapons, armor, materials, etc. price list, but it has to be edited for TnT.

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Sanctuary is a city in the Thieves’ World game and books. I purchased the rpg boxed set several years ago. I don’t think I’ll be mapping the city, such maps are included with the game. But I will be mapping surrounding areas.

This is the city’s location on the game world. Might modify this part of the game planet, maybe not.

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