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July, 2018

Jul 16

Updating navigaiton menus and adding a mapped ruin. The ruin will be several levels, not all maps completed.

Just went to some T&T sites… red text on black background is hard to read. And the links they had went nowhere. Argh.

I need to make a nearby area map for Talon Castle.


Apr 8

Navigation menus fixed. Somehow the default page for articles got changed to archive.

Apr 2

Fixed the links in the navigation menus. i still have no idea why the browsers I have wont display the menus on all pages.


Mar 29

Lost connection to the database, but its all fixed now.

Mar 28

Site move to here, and the site navigation menus are all updated.

I have a weapons, armor, materials, etc. price list, but it has to be edited for TnT.

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As some of you know who play this game, there are no magic items listed. I’m supposed to use my imagination.

Of course, if you have no idea what magic items would go with T&T, so that method is not working for me.

I realize an item that increases the luck or strength of a character would help. But that is insufficient. I’ll come up with such items, and post them on this site. If some T&T guru thinks my items aren’t compatible with this game, I can’t help that. There is no guidance.

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Sub-Floors Basement of Talon Castle ruins. The rooms and stairs are enclosed. This is an Isomentric cutaway to show the rom interiors.

1) small room, the metal ladder has rotted away.

2) a catch near the top step must be flipped away from the stairs. Otherwise one of tghe steps will fall through to a narrow place under it. Trapping anyone that falls in, well, a pixie will likely get free. But a pixie wont activate the trap.

3), a sarcophagus containing a dead cleric.

4) his burial goods.

5) a younger cleric is buried here

6) the second cleric’s burial goods

7) a small room. A rope is required to get down here. A quick thinking adventurer will realize that if this is a trap, where are the bones of those who fell in ?

8) sturdy stairs downward

9) a small 10’ by 10’ room.

10) a sarcophagus. A trap. The skeleton is waiting for someone to reach in, it will then attack. MR 10 , scimitar 4 dice

11) stairs leading to where ?

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